The Borderlands (2003)

Title: The Borderlands

Year: 2003

Director: Elliot Goldner Starring: Gordon Kennedy, Robin Hill & Aidan McArdle. VIEW THE TRAILER HERE. Taking chances on horror movies is something I frequently like to do, and something I surely did with The Borderlands. A Brit horror set in my own considered territory, The West Country, in which two Vatican investigators are sent to investigate a series of paranormal oddities at a local church. There’s not really much to know about this movie, other than it’s incredibly low budget and noticeably British. The movie begins with our two lead characters, Gray (Robin Hill) and Deacon (Gordon Kennedy). The banter and the dialogue between the two can get quite tongue in cheek and sometimes seems a little beneath the mark when it comes to believability and lets down the character progression, but for review sake, I stuck with it and it paid off. The two are like chalk and cheese throughout the movie and it does lead up to how we perceive them in the final moments of the picture. I do often end up quite disappointed with the ‘found footage’ sub genre, but with The Borderlands, the turn out was quite the opposite. I struggled to keep up with the movie throughout the majority, but as we got into the later stages, when we find out the oddities within the church I became more interested in the gimmicks they had in store. I love a haunted church cliche and this movie delivered on a new and interesting take on the haunting genre. My issue here, is that the footage only really hits it off within the last 40 minutes and counting. Things do get really intense, and the church bells certainly gave me goosebumps and the effects of crying children and smashing crosses edged me on to supporting this movie in full. I only wish, however, that we saw more haunting progression from the beginning to really set the scene and get us involved in the scares. The winning moment for me, however, was the final few minutes. I really felt for the characters, and I finally saw their progression and how it had all lead to that one moment. I was really impressed by the story and the writing (props to you, Goldner!) If you do get a chance to catch this movie, give it a go and stick with it because the picture eventually gives off a new, sophisticated take on the typical Brit horror. Overall, I’m giving the movie 3 skulls out of 5 [☠☠☠] based on the final build up and the writing. If you saw The Borderlands and have something to say, leave a comment with your opinion!

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