Niku Daruma (1998)

In homage to Horrible Reviews, I’m going to be reviewing the most disturbing movies on the list he created. I’m reviewing in no particular order, so if you are familiar with his videos, don’t expect them in the same order he put them.

WARNING: This review will contain spoilers and sexual references.

Niku Daruma (1998)

Director:  Tamakichi Anaru

Starring: Kanako OobaKikurinTamakichi Anaru

Niku Daruma, alternatively titled Tumbling Doll of Flesh, is a movie that follows an adult actress as she takes on a new job in a porno, however, when it gets abusive in nature, she gets cold feet but by then, it’s already to late for her to leave. She’s soon beaten unconscious and then tortured for the remainder of the movie. It’s a pseudo snuff film done right, essentially.

Unlike my last review on August Undergrounds Mordum, this movie actually had a story, which really helped the progression of it as a whole. Unfortunately, there isn’t (to my knowledge) a copy online with subtitles, so I did have to watch it in full Japanese. I understood around 25% of the dialogue, but it’s not essential to fully understand it as you can gather what is being said through the general tone of the scenes which adds a massive plus to this movie for me.

I think what gives this movie the “disturbing” factor is that all the sex scenes within it are completely real. The only fake parts are the gore (which still actually look real, in my opinion.) Naturally, this isn’t a film for the family or for the weak stomached folks out there as there is a lot of sex, violence and extreme gore including stomach-wound rape.

The characters and the scenes out of the main plot are so mundane, which I feel makes it a lot more believable, because it genuinely looks like something a couple of amateur snuff film makers have put together. We’re also treated to a storyline, so we fully understand what we’re watching and whereas the production value is low, the concept and the execution are fully on point. The fact that there is no remorse for what they are doing really adds in bonus points for it seeming like a genuine snuff film, too.

Think of me what you will for endorsing this movie, but out of all the pseudo snuffs out there, Niku Daruma is the one to watch. It is 18+ and can only be found online so don’t go into this with the heart of a Disney character. It’s dark, it’s disgusting but I found it to be better than most shock horrors out there. I’m giving it 3 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠.)

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