A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film (2010)

Director: Srdjan Spasojevic
Starring: Srdjan Todorovic, Sergej Trifunovic and Jelena Gavrilovic.

WARNING: May contain spoilers.

A Serbian Film (Srpski Film) is a movie I watched a while back and decided to revisit to write a review. I remember being impressed by the movie the first time around, but just to make sure that it wasn’t just pure exhilaration from the content, I gave it another go and I absolutely loved it.

The movie follows our main character Milos (Todorovic), who is an ageing ex porn star and low on income to support his family. His prospects soon change when he meets with an old friend who tells him about a part in an upcoming art film. Milos takes the job but soon realises he’s gotten into more than he bargained for when he begins dealing with drugs, rape, necrophilia, pedophilia and of course, snuff.

Throughout the movie, you get to really appreciate the writers’ (Aleksandar Radivojevic and Srdjan Spasojevic) work. The dialogue between characters is so smooth and flows excellently as we see the progression within the movie. The concept and ideas within the screenplay show a bold and charismatic attitude to a taboo theme. Radivojevic and Spasojevic pushed the boundaries of modern horror and pseudo snuff and gave it a fantastic story as well as great production value to create something that will go down in cult movie history. The events that occur between the shooting of Milos’ new film work well together and show us the lead up to the main events which add depth to the characters and how they react in certain situations.

Considering one of the writers for A Serbian Film was the director (Spasojevic), we understand that he knew what he wanted to achieve whilst making this movie. This movie doesn’t shy away from the value of sex and violence as a double act within modern cinema and uses them side by side to create a film that adds in a dose of shock value to entice the audience further. Srdjan has created a piece of cult art that revolves around the disgusting and the immoral but I think that’s what makes it so popular. You can’t take your eyes away for a second, and the way the characters progress into this sick nightmare gives the entire thing a three dimensional feel.

Within A Serbian Film, I was captivated by Srdjan Todorovic’s performance in the main role. His acting is incredible and the way he gives his dialogue makes his character feel more real. Following the progression of Milos and his exploits within the movie were so entertaining and I felt captivated by the depth of his acting. The performances from the extras gave another side to this movie, and the parts they played were so strong that it gave the final piece a great value in the horror genre. The charisma from Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic), our deranged director, kept me on the edge of my seat throughout purely because he was so chilling to watch in his role.

I give a lot of credit to those in the costume, makeup and set design areas for this movie. The characters each have a certain ‘style’ of clothing that are stuck to throughout which gives more depth to the film and gives it a character in itself. The way the costumes are designed show the personifications of some character traits, also. The girl in the white dress shows innocence which could reflect in the scene where Milos first enters the set. You can read a lot into the costumes as well as the set design as it finds an Alice in Wonderland vibe through a lot of the ‘snuff’ scenes. The checkered flooring and the iconic Alice dress is used frequently which not only makes this film ten times creepier, but gives it the feeling that it’s a separate world without rules and regulations (which could be a subtext within the entire movie.)
The cinematography also gets a special mention here. The colours work with each of the scenes and the sets to create a certain mood and atmosphere that really works with the general tone of the movie. Everything flows together to create a visually stunning masterpiece.

I did also really enjoy the soundtrack to A Serbian Film, because the gritty and electric vibe worked so well with the scenes it was included in to give a tense, suspenseful feel to what you were watching. It’s really worth downloading it for a listen as general musical pieces as they’re so easy to listen to and enjoy.

Overall, I really recommend this movie to those who want to see something new and disgusting. I’d give it 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠.) I can see where people struggled with this movie, but to those who with death upon those involved because of the content, that’s not cool, guys. If you didn’t enjoy this movie, that’s cool, drop me a comment to tell me what you disliked. But if you did, let me know your favourite part in the comments. Remember, keep it friendly, we’re a horror community.

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