Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015)

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death.

Director: Tom Harper

Starring: Helen McRory, Jeremy Irvine, Phoebe Fox, Leanne Best and Oaklee Pendergast.

The Woman in Black’s much anticipated sequel was my first movie of 2015. I went into this movie not entirely excited about it or even slightly thrilled. I absolutely loved the original novel and the stage performance and even the first film gave me chills but this one seemed as if it was simply feeding off the original movie’s success. In saying that, I decided to start thinking about the film as its own thing, a stand alone movie. I chose not to read too much into it or watch all the available trailers and snippets so that I wouldn’t be able to associate it with the first film.

Many people have said that Angel of Death doesn’t feed from making the audience pee their pants with jump scares every two minutes but there was a point that had exactly three in a row which got repetitive and gradually boring. There were false jump scares thrown in under the guise of crows and other characters, to really polish it off.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances I was in at the cinema (encased in crowds of teenagers on their phones and talking to their mates, one who specifically yelled at a key part “is anyone even fucking watching this?” He proceeded to jump at every scare. Don’t pay for a film you’re not going to bother watching, be considerate to those who paid to see something and are actually watching the movie. Not everyone is an assclown like you.) I found it hard to capture the intended eerie and silent atmosphere that was intended. I wanted to experience the silence and embodiment of the loneliness that was part of the concept.

The cast were excellent in their roles and the children were exceptional considering the subject matter a d the emotions they would have had to portray. The leading lady Phoebe Fox was a lovely character and I felt for her throughout the film, wanting her to succeed in her endeavours throughout. Having only really seen Jeremy Irvine in War Horse and I’m glad that he’s adapted to other work, I enjoyed his performance and character placement as he held a good part of the story together. Oaklee Pendergast played an exceptional role as young Edward who the story holds a strong focus on. A young star in the making, I would hope.

A special mention to Marco Beltrami for some lovely music that worked the atmosphere as the first one did. I loved the soundtrack as a beautiful selection of eerie yet peaceful music.

I definitely think this film was a hit as a stand alone as I don’t feel it was a necessary or strong sequel. I would recommend seeing this movie with an open mind. It honestly took a much darker turn than its predecessor, rating at 15 this time as opposed to 12a.

So all in all, I give it three skulls out of five ☠ ☠ ☠ but I think you should definitely give it a go!

Thank you everyone for your support and I hope to bring you more reviews and news this year!

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