A Tricky Treat (2015)

A Tricky Treat.

Directed by: Patricia Chica

Starring: Leonard Waldner, Keira McCarthy, Andrea Fletcher, Steve Brewster and Marco Reilly

I got news about Patricia Chica’s new short through my inbox early this morning. I did the press release prior to this post to give you guys the idea of the movie and to release the latest news surrounding it. With the general outline of the short, I found the concept interesting.

“A man is kidnapped on Halloween night by a very strange family and his fate lies in the hands of the two children.” – IMDB.

Patricia herself says that this short is a metaphor for human consumption during ‘traditions’ over the holiday seasons. It definitely shines through! Now for the review!

The tone of the movie takes on an almost Twilight Zone-esque feeling. We get the gritty, throwback feeling throughout that sets up a small yet perfectly narrated story. This is complimented by the use of cinematography showing what’s important by such techniques as avoiding facial close ups and sticking to the smaller details that make the short more interesting and visual. I personally like this technique, as I feel we get to see more that’s going on as opposed to the distractions of facial acting which I feel is necessary to the short (it also makes the twist that little bit more dramatic and thrilling.)

The casting was great, the voice acting didn’t seem forced or staggered, the dialogue flowed perfectly which is important to the story and narrative we’re getting here. Special effects and sound effects were well thought out and help support the conceptual themes and ideas being put forward by Patricia. They were a lot more thought out and considered than some acclaimed modern horrors.

Ending the movie with such a twist enhanced the Twilight Zone feel even more, keeping the audience on their toes as a sudden moment occurs. A Tricky Treat really sets the mark on how we value consumerism and seasonal traditions in society. I’m pleased to see a short with such a strong message, as we don’t often see these popping up. I think that more should be aware of Patricia’s work as she’s a talented and definitely interesting filmmaker. A lot of care and precision seems to go into her work which pushes her to the frontline of emerging directors.

A Tricky Treat is not yet released, but as soon as it is, please do give it a watch! It’s a fun, creative look into modern morales and whilst holding its conceptual narrative, it’s a well directed short to watch with it’s lovely visuals and styling.

Overall, I’m giving this short a hearty 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠.) Please show your support for Patricia and the movie over on the Facebook page and check out the IMDB for more information!

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