Don’t Despair (2015)

Today I got a submission through from Alfred Giancarli, director of an indie horror short called Don’t Despair. The film has a really cool plot line that I really wanted to check out and review for myself, so I’m going to give a review of the short as well as embedding the video for you all to give it a watch and support the film.

I don’t want to say anything until I get into the review so I’ll drop in the info and then get started!

Directed by: Alfred Giancarli

Starring: Erin Etheridge, Kevin Reed and Bec Fordyce.

“Two collectors of serial killer memorabilia meet in order to exchange a treasured piece of merchandise, but one of them has taken their dedication to their macabre master to unspeakable depths, and reveals a sinister plan to connect the two to their mentor through a horrifying recreation of his final “masterpiece.” A story of love, loss and obsession, Don’t Despair is a haunting horror film and a deep look into the allure of evil.”

Straight into the short we get the deadpan shot that already gives the movie an offish and ominous vibe. I like the deadpan look already as I think it gives an unsettling idea across which can really work for a short like this.

I personally think that the acting here was actually very well put across. Our leading lady Rachel (Erin Etheridge) was very slow and calculated with her words, and her performance gave the feeling that she was very self assured and complex with how she put herself across on camera. It worked very well for her character and gave her more depth as well as a stronger character role in the story. As she’s calculated and well spoken, we get a strange and slightly unnerving aura from her which is quite hard hitting. Personally, I really enjoyed her as a strong leading character. William (Kevin Reed) works well with Rachel’s character, his more timid personality and held back persona seems to compliment her and push for a working bond between the two. Without spoiling much, I’ll say that Bec Fordyce does very well in her own role and we get to feel for her in the small moments we see her. Her acting was well done, very reserved and ‘conditioned’ even which worked for the story well.

The music and sometimes lack of worked with the earlier mentioned ‘deadpan’ theme which added to the strange, out of place theme I was getting overall. It really made me feel something was wrong and that definitely came through very well. The music itself was lovely and added its own three dimensional persona to what was going on in the short. I’m a big fan of the gentle piano instrumental as it’s a soft counteraction to the harshness of the story. I personally like that kind of juxtaposition.

Don’t Despair gave a different take on the extreme and almost passionate notoriety of the serial killer. Cleverly tense and delicately built up to the final moments, this short really packs a punch with excellent atmospheric and emotional techniques to keep you feeling unnerved throughout.

I personally really enjoyed this short and definitely think you should check it out. If you’d like to see the short, then here’s where you can see it:

You can support this movie by subscribing to Alfred’s YouTube channel. You can also find Alfred on Twitter. Also please do support the Darkstar Entertainment production company via their Website.

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