Horror Block Unboxing (April 2015)

Woohoo! It’s here!

So, I reviewed last month’s Horror Block (which was also my first ever block) and I’m back again to share my opinions on this month’s block. I actually really liked the last block, it was pretty novelty but I’m huge on that kinda idea. I also have to say that I wear the shirt that came with it like all the time. I can’t get enough of horror merch so these blocks are really giving me the chance to fill my room with all kinds of cool and weird stuff.

I didn’t know much about this block, but I did know a couple of things thanks to me scrolling too far on Instagram. I knew about the Ghostbusters item and I knew that this month was being taken over by Bloody Disgusting. With this kind of take over, I was really excited about what could be in the block as they have a pretty awesome website and I was expecting some pretty awesome stuff to come through the mail. I was not disappointed.

The first thing I saw when I opened my block was the skull design shot glasses. There are two in the box but they’re pretty unique and they’ll definitely come in handy for me. I really like skull prints and now these two are going to be boldly set on my mantle until they’re ready to be used. The glasses themselves are really great quality and the print is really well done, no chipping, scratching or dodgy printing.


I then went on to opening the Horror Block exclusive vinyl collectable which was an Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. I am a huge Ghostbusters fan so getting this item as a unique gift was a great feeling purely because it’s a really awesome piece to be included. I know that if you’re subscribed to both Horror and Nerd block you had the option to receive a Funko Pop! Vinyl collectable as well. Which was a really nice touch, definitely seals the deal for me. I didn’t take the offer as I’m not subscribed to both but I probably would have taken up the offer if I was (though I do already have the whole Ghostbusters Funko Pop! collection…) The detailing is really sweet, it’s light and really nice on display.


My next reveal was the Bloody Disgusting “Bates Motel” mug. I haven’t actually watched much of Bates Motel but I really enjoyed Psycho so I’m kinda using it from a Hitchcock point of view. I feel that I should get around to watching Bates Motel, though. It’s a sturdy, durable mug and the printing is really nicely done. It’s got the Bloody Disgusting logo on the reverse side which is a nice touch, and I feel that I can further support the site by donning my new mug. Plus, I really needed a new mug anyhow since I started using my Watchmen mug as a pen & paintbrush holder on my desk.



After the mug came some pretty sweet coasters that will be a staple part of my room now. Some Overlook hotel themed coasters in a pack of four from The Shining. I needed some coasters, so these will go hand in hand with the mug that we got this month. They’re sturdy, durable and they look awesome! I’m gonna enjoy using these as a novelty, purely because it really cool to have horror themed homeware.


And lastly, the shirt. I get really excited about the shirts in Horror Block ’cause I can’t get enough of horror themed shirts from their Shirt Punch store. Plus it’s cool to have a shirt that only block subscribers will have, meaning that I get a totally unique shirt that’s covered in super cool horror references. This month’s shirt was Evil Dead themed which is awesome. The Evil Dead is a classic movie and I was actually looking into getting a shirt from the movie a couple weeks ago (after re-watching Jennifer’s Body and realising Needy has an awesome Evil Dead shirt in the movie) so I’m glad I waited!


We also got the latest copy of Rue Morgue which I’m glad to be able to receive, so I’ll be having a read of that later on!

All in all, brilliant block this month. Definitely a lot of cool things going on, so I am already looking forward to next month’s block. I really would recommend a subscription, which you can get over at Horror Block. Big thanks to Horror Block and Bloody Disgusting for these awesome goodies this month, you guys are awesome!

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