Videogram VHS (2015)

My inbox has been really exciting for the past few weeks and that’s due to Videogram’s newest release in collaboration with Lunchmeat VHS and Doc Terror. The trio have put together a full VHS tape with clips and recuts of classic cult horrors from the 80’s with some of Videogram’s finest tracks to create a visual treat for all classic horror fans.

Lunchmeat VHS photo

There was the chance to grab the VHS copy of Videogram but unfortunately, it has sold out. It has been really popular since its release. But do not fret! You can buy a copy of the digital version here;


You also have the chance to get your hands on a really cool limited edition shirt that proudly features the Lunchmeat VHS artwork from Loud Comix’ illustrator Jamie Vayda. Get your shirt here;

Even the cover art to the VHS is incredible in keeping to the atmosphere of the entire video.

Lunchmeat VHS artwork

I had the fantastic opportunity to review the Videogram VHS which I was really looking forward to seeing due to reviewing some of Videogram’s work in the past. I really enjoy Magnus of Videogram’s music, the way he works into the incredible aesthetic of 80’s cult horror is a talent to admire. So without keeping you any longer, I’ll continue below with my review.

Straight away, the tone is established with a really gripping intro. Starting off the track list with Walpurgisnacht really set the tone to what kind of mood and themes we’d be expecting throughout the VHS. The retro horror vibe is so easily created throughout, it really does feel like it’s come straight from that era. The grittiness and grain of each clip and re-cut has been carefully thought out to make everything look old and a lot creepier.

The accompanying clips to each track is seamlessly cut and edited to make each track come to life. I was so pleased to see that a lot of my favourites from Videogram’s self titled album were featured within, especially Scavolini’s Nightmare. The clips they’d put with that incredible track really gave it a new three dimensional world that you felt yourself enveloping into.

Screenshot 05

You can really see the effort, thought and attention to detail coming through in the VHS. Which really helps you enjoy it that much more, knowing that the creators really love this kind of genre and they know their way around it. You can tell this is something they enjoy doing which makes the experience a lot more interesting and fun to view. It’s nice to see this kind of work still in production in modern times as it’s something we don’t fully get to enjoy as a modern horror audience. The classic cult vibe made me so nostalgic to a series of clips that worked into helping me re-live one of the coolest, grittiest and corniest eras of horror.

The fonts that are paired with each track and clip capture the feeling and tone of each piece, I personally really liked the fonts as a cool addition to the entire aesthetic. This is enhanced a lot by the fact that the clips and the tracks effortlessly flow between one another.

Even though each track is telling its own unique story, they can all be heard one after the other to make a completely different and immersive story all together. The work that’s gone into the Videogram VHS really helps you to find yourself in this new, terrifying but expansive world where all those classic horror tropes and idealisms come to life before your eyes.

I’m so pleased for everyone involved in creating this incredible throwback and am so glad I got the chance to review it, it was great to see some really incredible visuals with the talent of Videogram to set the musical scene.

Definitely check out the links included to get your hands on this incredible piece, I’d definitely recommend it! I give it a full 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠).

Check out Videogram’s Website, Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp. Lunchmeat VHS’ Facebook and Website. Doc Terror’s Facebook and Website.

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