Electrohaunted (2013)

I reviewed an album by Défago a little while back, and now I’m back with another! I really enjoyed his last album Weird Tales from the Countryside and now I’m going to be doing a review of Electrohaunted. I’m a really big fan of electro and anything that mixes synthesisers with horror so this album was a treat for me.

defago electrohaunted

I’m going to be going through the album and writing a little bit on my opinions of each track in the album to give you a detailed look at what I felt about each piece. There’s so much variety in Electrohaunted that spans from classic haunting to straight up alien abduction which sounds incredible. Défago is very talented in creating these three dimension audio-scapes that explore different nightmare scenarios in captivating and enticing ways. The whole album felt as if it was telling me a story and the way each tracked flowed into one another really complimented that narrative.

Starting off with track one, Welcome to… Horror-Mood! A very traditional track in relation to the sounds used, and would most likely feel at home in a classic 80’s horror flick. Yet it still has that chilling effect on you, giving goosebumps through to the end. It’s a strong introductory track and sets the mood for what to expect throughout.

Robotomy features an eerie and almost alien vibe that are elevated by the use of varying sounds. The odd and eclectic mix going on throughout makes this track both very unique and equally haunting. It’s a very experimental track in itself but it definitely works into Défago’s favour.

Third we have They Fly by Night which features an upbeat, albeit nocturnal melody. This whole piece made me think of a battle sequence, which really put across a fantastic narrative. It was an emotive and energetic addition that really worked in comparison to some of the other darker tracks.

Noctuary was a personal favourite on the album with its ghostly wind sounds and sinister undertones. I loved the haunting atmosphere surrounding this track, I really feel that this track was one of the strongest in Electrohaunted.

To really show the diversity and range of atmospheres and musical stylings, we then had Slaughterhouse which was really my overall favourite track on the album. It was very jumpy and tense which is really fitting for a dark ‘cat and mouse’ scenario that progresses well throughout.

Then progressing into Electronic Spectres, I really loved the haunting ‘music box’ twinned with otherworldly synthesisers to create a really interesting concept in a short amount of time. This track definitely worked, and I feel came across in a really dark and disturbing manner.

Ascending into Blindness had a heavy electro vibe which was by no means a bad thing. It painted a really cool picture throughout and really gave you the chance to imagine your own cinematic scene unfold before your eyes. Definitely one to look out for in the album.

Children of the Forest shows Défago’s clear talent and diversity in music, as we really begin to understand that this can be both a incredible classic haunting story as well as a more futuristic alien abduction. Both concepts are incredible and have been paired together for a unique selection of music that works really well.

Going on to Halloween’s Eve, it gives a good 80’s horror throwback kind of vibe which I love. It’s a very creepy track with some awesome progression going on throughout. I like the idea that this could really be paired with one of the classic horror icons in theme and atmosphere.

Finally, we have Abduction on Ramsey Road which is a gentler end to the album, but still a great track. It holds a very good use of sound effects throughout and offers an ending narrative to the story we’d heard throughout. I’m never disappointed with Défago’s work and his ability to tell a story with his music.

Overall, I’ll give Electrohaunted a four skulls out of five (☠☠☠☠) and recommend that you check out more of Défago’s music on his Bandcamp, Soundcloud and show some support!

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