Horror Block Unboxing (May 2015)

As always, I review the Horror Block each month because they’re a really awesome subscription service that give you some really cool and unique gifts for horror fans. I usually have a peek at the block’s Instagram to check out what we may expect in each block but I only knew about 1 item this time around which involved Silent Hill. I was both excited and sad about the Silent Hill item both because I love the franchise but I’m also still really disappointed that we’re not getting the Silent Hills game anymore.

The last block was amazing, and I really enjoyed unboxing so I was hoping that this block would be the same as it’s cool to get unique pieces that are exclusive to Horror Block subscribers.

But anyway, on with the review!

The first thing I saw when I opened the block was a Pop Funko which is always a really cool thing to get – I’ve currently got a thing for collecting these so it was really nice to have one included within the block this month. They’re quite valuable at the moment and are a cool collectable item. The funkos available were from the TV series Hannibal. I’ve just started watching the show so it was great to have a collectable of something I’ve just gotten into.

horror block may (1 of 9) horror block may (2 of 9)

The next piece was a DVD collection of the winning short films from the Horror Block film festival that hosted all kinds of horror based shorts. It’s cool to get this kind of thing as I review films and short films as part of this blog, so it’s something that I can separately review as well as getting to see what some of the creators are making. I absolutely love short films because it shows fans and creatives getting stuck into what they love. So I’ll be very quick to check those out!

horror block may (3 of 9)

We then got an exclusive Creature from the Black Lagoon print just for us Horror Block subscribers. I absolutely love the original Universal horror movies so it’s cool to have a print of one of them. I believe we got this because the Creature from the Black Lagoon was celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary this year, so here’s something to celebrate with! It’s actually a really lovely print, too. I like getting art prints within the blocks to support other artists and what they can do.

horror block may (4 of 9)

We also got a supplement as part of the Rue Morgue magazine this month which was about different facts and stats from horror movies which is pretty cool. I love learning new things about movies as well as seeing things I already knew. This is definitely something that I’m going to keep and read often most likely. I saw that they did another book like this a few months ago that I’m thinking of ordering, too.

horror block may (5 of 9) horror block may (6 of 9)

We also got the obligatory copy of Rue Morgue which I love reading each month. There’s always some great stuff in there about new releases, books, music and merch which are all super cool. It’s also really nice to be able to get Rue Morgue as I can’t get the magazine where I am. So I’m always glad that I’ve not missed out! I’m not fascinated by the Human Centipede cover, however. Those movies never sat well with me.

horror block may (8 of 9)

I left the shirt for last because this is what I assumed the Silent Hill item to be, which I was so glad about. The t-shirt itself is so cool as has Pyramid Head in the background of it (a personal cliche favourite character) and so it’s proudly going into my t-shirt collection to be worn as much as possible.

horror block may (7 of 9)

All in all it was a good block this month although other blocks have been better I’m still really pleased with what I got this month. Things I’ll definitely be keeping and taking care of. So thank you very much Horror Block, you’ve impressed me again!

horror block may (9 of 9)

To get your block, simply visit the Horror Block site to subscribe. I’d definitely recommend it!

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