Horror Block Unboxing (June 2015)

Hi all! I’m back again for another Horror Block review. It’s been a hectic few days but I’m getting back on track with content that will be posted on the blog asap. I’m currently also in the process of downloading Outlast so I’m soon to be lost to that game (because it’s awesome.)

So Horror Block this month was a big surprise for me. I usually go into a block knowing at least two or three things that are gonna be included but this month, I only knew one and I was praying to God it wasn’t something I already had. Now, this block had only a few things in but was still pretty cool with merchandise.

Starting off with the item I relatively knew about. All I was aware of was that the item was Cthulhu based. I was hoping it wasn’t the Funko, only because I already have it but I was surprised and happy to see that it was instead a really small, really soft plush of our favourite horrifying sea monster. He’s small and cute and so so soft and I really want to use him as my Scream Review mascot, if I’m honest.

horror block june (1 of 8)

Next was an item I was really glad to see after my disappointment over the TV series version, a Ghost Face Re-Action figure. I love the Scream series, and I wasn’t too pleased about the MTV TV show and the new mask and story they’ve come up with, and now I can sport my love of the movies with a little Ghost Face who’s currently making a stand on my shelf. With posable legs, arms and a head you can spin backwards, you can put him into different positions depending where you’re putting him!

horror block june (2 of 8) horror block june (3 of 8)

Next up, a really cool thing for the Summer (literally.) An Alien themed ice tray! Now, this one came in two variants so you either got a selection of Alien heads or the eggs. I got the heads which I’m pleased with – and I’m using it to make up some ice cubes as I type this. They’re really awesome to use for the Summer and will make a good addition to any cool drink this June/July.

horror block june (4 of 8)

horror block june (5 of 8)

Onto the shirt! This month, we got this really amazing Purge Anarchy t-shirt which I really wasn’t expecting for some reason, but it’s really cool and really creepy. It’s proudly made its way to my wardrobe and I’ll most likely be wearing it all the time now.

horror block june (6 of 8)

Lastly, we have the latest issue of Rue Morgue which has an incredible front cover of Patrick Bateman and a fascinating piece on American Psycho which was an amazing read!

horror block june (7 of 8)

Thank you again Horror Block and Rue Morgue for another successful block! I’m really pleased with it and if you want to get in on the Horror Block action, follow this link >here< to subscribe!

horror block june (8 of 8)

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