My Top 10 Favourite Horror Movie Props with Invaluable

Props can be so important to horror movies and many of them have made themselves infamous for their uses and their designs or even, their simplicity. Who can forget the legendary Lemarchand’s puzzle box in Hellraiser or the Annabelle doll that had us all shuddering in our seats in The Conjuring. They are made memorable within their movies and without them, some movies just wouldn’t be the same.

In this piece and with the help of who asked me what my favourite movie prop was, I’ll be listing my all time top 10 horror movie props – because I really couldn’t condense the list… This was a really fun question to answer and so I hope you all enjoy my musings and check out Invaluable for yourselves!

Listed in reverse order, let’s begin!

10. Lamarchand's Box - Hellraiser
10. Lamarchand’s Box – Hellraiser

I’ve never been so terrified and interested in an object more than the puzzle box in Hellraiser. The monsters it brings and the damage that ensues is enough to give you chills. The box is so unassuming which catches you off guard and has you interested into what hellish nightmares it can summon up. From the cryptic design to the way it could be easily found in an old antique shop, I want one for my own collection of strange trinkets.

9. Ghost Face Mask - Scream
9. Ghost Face Mask – Scream

The Ghost Face mask is a classic among horror fans and regular movie fans. The Scream franchise was so successful, I feel that the mask and the series became a household name. The mask itself is so iconic in style that you can instantly pinpoint where it comes from. It also really defined a part of my life where I was obsessed with the Scream movies and where I was really into the teen slasher genre. I love that the mask is so simple, so Halloween-esque yet it’s still creepy and hilarious rolled into one.

8. Clown Doll - Poltergeist
8. Clown Doll – Poltergeist

The doll that originally spiked my fear of clowns is definitely on this list. I really think everyone hates that little clown and it’s probably the cause of many other clown phobias. I remember seeing the original Poltergeist movies and totally peeing my pants over it (which seems so silly now, thinking about it) at the time. I had nightmares for a week. Now, I love clowns and everything to do with them – the creepier the better! So I’d love to have an original Poltergeist clown sitting neatly in my room.

7. Samurai Sword - The Samurai
7. Samurai Sword – The Samurai

When I saw The Samurai, I was on edge the entire time. It’s a movie I’ll remember and the characters were all so well thought out – especially the titular Samurai. I really felt for him, despite him being the ‘bad guy’ throughout. His depth and ideas had me both wincing and slightly cheering for him. His sword is his key component and I feel that it represents so much more than just a weapon. It’s something I’d love to see in an auction house because I feel that this movie should have a bigger following right now.

6. Cybil's Helmet - Silent Hill
6. Cybil’s Helmet – Silent Hill

Officer Cybil was an amazing character in Silent Hill, and I know it may seem weird that her helmet is on this list but there is a definite reason behind this. Cybil’s helmet gets burned by monster acid pretty fast in the movie and I kind of take that moment as foreshadowing of her eventual death in the movie. Her helmet gets burned and then eventually so does she. Plus, Cybil was probably my favourite character in the movie and so her burned helmet would have a few good stories to tell behind it. If I ever saw it for sale I’d impulse buy it like I’ve never done before.

5. Jack Torrance's Typewriter - The Shining
5. Jack Torrance’s Typewriter – The Shining

The Shining is a crucial horror movie to me. I absolutely love Stanley Kubrick’s movies and this one was one of my favourites. But it’s so terrifying because there’s more than one sub-plot going on whilst we see Jack Torrance slowly going crazy within the movie. The instance with the typewriter is so iconic now that everyone just knows what is being referenced when “all work and no play” is mentioned. I think typewriters are really cool any how, but to have Jack Torrance’s own would be incredible.

4. Gun Leg - Planet Terror
4. Cherry’s Gun Leg – Planet Terror

If ever I supported a character more than anything, it’s Cherry from Planet Terror. This is made stronger by the fact that she gets a gun for a leg, used for survival. I love ridiculous women in horror, with even more ridiculous stereotypes. Planet Terror was one of my first Grindhouse movies, so this would be a prop to remember that by. The character herself is a certified badass in the movie (and also a badass in Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies.) I’d love the gun that was used as her replacement leg in the movie, purely because it’s such a hilarious, yet amazing story to tell if someone asked.

3. Freddy's Glove - A Nightmare on Elm Street
3. Freddy’s Glove – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Getting into the classics, Freddy’s glove had to be on this list. He’s such an iconic villain and everyone recognises the glove on seeing it. Freddy, whilst being so evil, is so witty and oddly likeable. Though he’s on this list, I actually have a Krueger glove from Dream Warriors which is amazing and sits nicely on my side table. It’s one of my prized possessions so naturally it’s here on the list.

2. Doll Box – The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a modern horror done right, in my opinion. And the doll box, though subtle, is still reminiscent of old time ghost stories which makes it that little bit more unique for a current movie. I love the tune it plays, the idea behind it and the fact that it’s still so recognisable even though it’s not really used too much. If I had one of these I’d probably play the music over and over again to creep everyone out and calm myself.

1. Jason's Mask - Friday the 13th
1. Jason’s Mask – Friday the 13th

The number one on this list is Jason Voorhees’ mask purely because Jason is my favourite horror character of all time. I have a replica of his mask but it’s nothing like having the original. I’ve always felt for Jason and Friday the 13th is always (oddly) my comfort movie so to have something that’s kind of personal would be amazing. I await the day I own an original Jason mask… one day…

I had a lot of fun with this post and I’d like to know what you guys’ favourite movie props are? Let me know in the comments!

Please check out the site Invaluable (they feature a variety of collectibles, antiques, and even entire estate sales – imagine that) for some really amazing items, including a great selection of movie memorabilia auctions. I’m really hooked on the website and think you will be too.”. Another cool thing about them is that two years ago, they were held an auction for Harrison Ford’s original blaster from the Star Wars franchise. I’m really jealous of that as I love Star Wars, too!

So check it out and let me know what your favourite movie prop is, too!

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