Reckless (2014)

Through the mail today I got some cool new movies from the ever amazing Artsploitation Films (thank you!) I’ve been eyeing Reckless for a while and I’m really glad I got my hands on a copy. I’m really excited to share my review with you because I think you’ll love the movie as much as I did.

Before we start, if you want to see the trailer, you can find it here:

Directed by Joram Lürsen 

Starring Tygo Gernandt, Marwan Kenzari and Sarah Cronis

“Two ex-cons kidnap a millionaire’s daughter and hold her for ransom, only to see their scheme go awry when she proves herself to be more cunning than expected.”

To start off, I’m really impressed that this was inspired by the 2009 movie The Disappearance of Alice Creed. It’s really nice to see a take on it from The Netherlands and I was really impressed with the outcome. I will warn you – there may be some small spoilers.

Straight away the cinematography and camera work set the scene well and keep an uneasy tone with the viewpoints. Some really good camera work going on and there were some really cool shots throughout that kept me awe-ing at the work that had gone into setting the scene for this movie. The music as well was really well placed and subtly aided the tension and unease of some scenes. I really found that this combination really had me hanging on to the edge of my seat as it really amped up the overall atmosphere. A huge shout out to Merlijn Snitker for the music we hear in the movie and also to Jasper Wolf for the really fantastic cinematography.

Right off the bat Victor (Tygo) and Rico (Marwan) have a strong on screen connection. The two of them successfully bond not only with dialogue and skill but with body language. They both give off a threatening vibe and play on each other’s strengths. They work together as partners throughout and really work as a criminal team. The beginning of the movie has very little dialogue so their body language has to show a great deal of threat and fierceness. They had me successfully feeling uneasy as their plan was so meticulously set out that it all seemed too easy for them, so smooth and problem free. Instantly, I had questions I wanted answered. The way they calmly went about their business and spoke about an unidentified other character, I wanted to know who it was and why things were happening. They successfully had me guessing and wondering about their scheme that I was transfixed to the movie – glued onto the story that was unravelling before me. Laura (Sarah) was fantastic and was incredible at playing a tough, smart female lead. I really enjoyed the way we were introduced to her cunning ways as she eagerly tried to get out of her situation. Her reactions, emotions and body language all tied in really well and had me routing for her all the way through.

Reckless had me, however, seeing the story through each character’s eyes, so I felt that I had the choice in who to take pity on which gave this film a really unique concept. I felt that the subtle links between the three pushed the subplot further and really gave the characters a more three dimensional view – there were ties to each side of the plan and it felt like the ending could have been a 50/50 chance between Vic and Laura. The individual twists and turns as well as the heart felt sub plot really had me going for the nail biting experience. There were so many moments in which I was gripping my seat, clenching my fists and getting real stuck in. The movie was fantastic at getting me involved and eager for a resolve.

The whole movie had so much going on to keep you entertained and entwined I really would recommend this movie to anyone. I had a lot of fun watching this and I’m sure you will, too! So check out the links below to find out where you can get a copy of Reckless on Tuesday! Overall, I’m happy to give Reckless 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠).

Check out Reckless on IMDB and on the website as well as Artsploitation Films on Facebook and their website.

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