The Redwood Massacre (2014)

Yesterday I got to watch the cool new slasher The Redwood Massacre thanks to Clear Focus Productions. I eyed this movie when I saw it advertised in this month’s Scream Magazine and I was quick to want to review it. I love slasher movies and this one was a Scottish horror, so I was really happy to see a Brit slasher doing well.

If you want to check out the trailer you can do so here:

Directed by David Ryan Keith

Starring Mark Wood, Lisa Cameron, Lisa Livingstone, Rebecca Wilke, Adam Coutts, Lee Hutcheon and Liam Matheson

The Redwood Massacre combines various slasher tropes throughout the movie to create its own haunting story of a deranged farmer stalking Redwood for kills on the anniversary of the massacre he executed 20 years ago. Feeling a little bit like a Grindhouse take on a slasher movie, Redwood Massacre grabs your attention with gore, splatter, jittery teens and a gorgeous woodland setting.

I really enjoyed the SFX throughout the movie, the gore and the splatter was actually very well done. Paired with the story, the killer’s design and the setting, it really gave the movie a nasty, gritty feel which really helped the movie progress further. There were some amazing cinematic shots through this movie – widely helped by the beautiful setting this movie took place in. I really liked the shots of the outer sides of the woods as well as the shots when the two friends were walking to find the others in their group, it had a lonely vibe which pulled the concept of this film together. Another really notable element to this movie was the music which added a bonus “creep” factor to the more brutal scenes, playing on the viewer’s emotions. I felt myself cringing often thanks to the addition of the music.

To focus on the characters, they all had the slasher tropes that we all know and love. I struggled with characters such as Rebecca (Wilkie) and Kirsty (Livingstone), but actually, I think that added to their character and I feel that they weren’t supposed to be entirely likeable. However, Pamela (Cameron) was lovely throughout and kept her cool as well as acted so gracefully for this kind of film, I was really routing for her all the way through. I wanted to see a little bit more of characters such as Bruce (Wood) and Mark (Coutts) but I feel that the time they were given, helped me understand their bid for survival. Throughout the movie, the acting was very good and consistent which I was very happy to see. I really enjoyed watching how each character’s fate panned out and how they dealt with the situation. I felt that the most tense moment was a fantastic game of cat and mouse between Bruce and the farmer. The music, the lighting and atmosphere was all perfect and I found myself holding my breath as I found out what was going to happen to him in the end. I really enjoyed Lee Hutcheon’s character and the way he created a slight twist towards the ending. Everyone really played off of each other and I really think everyone did an incredible job.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and it’s a really good new slasher that could easily be the British “Hatchet.” I’d recommend checking this one out, because I feel it’s definitely worth it. The aesthetics of the movie, the creep factor and the overall gore effects were fantastic. I’d give it 4 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠).

Thanks again to Clear Focus for this one. Please check them out on their website and the movie on Facebook.

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