The Treatment (2014)

Recently in is crime drama The Treatment. Based on a British novel of the same title, it’s always fantastic to see adaptations of books and works from the UK. Especially ones that are chilling and entertaining to watch throughout.

Directed by Hans Herbots

Starring Geert Van Rampelberg, Ina Geerts, Johan Van Assche, Laura Verlinden, Dominique Van Malder, Ingrid De Vos and Michael Vergauwen

Check out the trailer here:

We kick straight into The Treatment with drama, as we see our main character Nick (Rampelberg) chasing an unknown man off his property. The voiceover suggests he has something to do with Nick and is a menace to him on a daily basis. The movie straight away grabs your attention with the knowledge that a serious crime has just taken place and we want answers as to why. It’s a great beginning that makes you want to find out more and uncover the evil lurking among police officer Nick and his team. At this point, I already want to read the book as well to see it from that perspective, because I’m already hooked.

The story at play in the film really had me on edge, as in some areas it was definitely hard to watch considering the subject matter. But at the same time, I was morbidly intrigued by what was being uncovered before me. I really couldn’t look away because of the twists and turns the story took to guide the viewer into asking their own questions and coming up with their own theories which I feel is a really clever and interesting tactic for the director to use. There was actually a really huge creep factor in this movie for me, lots of the scenes made me feel uneasy and I was really concerned for the story itself. It was clever, but most certainly frightening. Despite this, it was well handled and didn’t feel exploitive at all, but still hard hitting none the less.

A great deal of this movie relied on the acting abilities of the cast, and they didn’t disappoint. I really felt that every character was strong and added their own personality into the movie’s world. The cast members really worked well together and I felt that the characters all felt well placed in the story because of that. I credit Geert Van Rampelberg heavily in this movie, as his character Nick was mesmerising to watch and I couldn’t help but empathise with him deeply. The way the events lined up to his own past and how he dealt with it and did everything he could to solve the attacks earned my respect and my attention. Another that I feel really added a surreal element to her character was Laura Verlinden as a mother who’s maternal instincts kicked in severely as she desperately tried to help her situation. Characters such as Ivan Plettinckx (Assche), Roland Claeren (Van Malder) and Chris Gommaer (Vergauwen) really messed with my head, disturbing me with their parts in the story. They successfully brought the terror, sadness and ultimately the danger to the character list.

Cinematography in this film employs a dark and overall moody tone to fit the theme of the movie itself. There’s a lot of close ups, darker shots from below and grimier scenes. It does its best to show off this gruesome world that’s been uncovered and is closely aided by the use of music to enhance your emotions as you watch. I really enjoyed the lighting for The Treatment as the darkness and the colour tones matched the moods of each scene and really helped you get a sense of unease and sadness towards the concepts. This movie did excellently with setting the scene through location, lighting and music and that really helped to tie the elements of the story together.

Overall, I really think you should check out The Treatment for a really interesting story and gut wrenching ending. I was on edge, I had tears, and I held my breath a lot. This movie is a rollercoaster, but the best there could be. Check this one out if you can! I’m giving it 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠) because I was truly blown away by The Treatment. I’m off to get myself the book, now!

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