The Possession of Michael King (2014)

Before anything I want to say a huge thank you to High Fliers Films for this one. I was really excited about this one after seeing a lot of great things about it. Already, I wasn’t disappointed.

If you want to check out the trailer beforehand, check it out here:

Directed by David Jung

Starring Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko and Tobias Jelinek

Considering that I usually enjoy few found footage movies, I wanted to give this one a try to find another that I actually really liked. I wanted to go into this movie with a clear mind to really get the full effect of this movie. I think that idea really paid off as the fresh take really worked and I honestly enjoyed this movie. Also, considering possession movies are my favourite kinds of horror, I was thrilled to find another favourite to add to my list.

Instantly, the set up of the story is heart felt and gives you an instant insight into Michael’s (Johnson) life. We’re given a lovely family with a bright future but tragedy strikes on that day leaving Michael with no wife. Struggling to come to terms with it, he takes on a new film project to actively seek proof of the supernatural. With Michael being a sceptic, it really shows this kind of story from a new perspective as opposed to from the perspective of someone that already believes or someone who is willing to.

The acting in this I feel is a key part and the cast fit into the story perfectly. Shane Johnson portrayed Michael in a fantastic way and really made me fee for his character and what he was going through. It was nice to see the sceptic character delving deeper into the occult to actually believe it if he saw it. Despite the fact that a lot of the time he joked and laughed about some of the practises, and he when things started getting really serious, this is when we really saw him come out of his shell. Ella Anderson in the part of Michael’s daughter, Ellie, was so sweet and I felt myself wanting to protect her throughout the film. With her father exploring demons and the supernatural, she was plagued by nightmares that kept her awake and frightened of what was going on, leading me to become worried for her own situation. This eased only slightly when sister Samantha (Pifko) came in. She was a great addition to the cast and played her role well, I did feel very sorry for her often, purely because she wasn’t exactly sure of what was going on and frightened for them all. The supporting characters throughout kept the story strong and really helped pursue a lot of the interesting plot points going on throughout.

A lot of the scenes were nicely accompanied by some interesting cinematography, creepy lighting and some haunting music. It gave me an ultimate feeling of dread and added to the entire experience of the film. Some of the ‘summoning’ scenes had me breathless and leaning on the edge of my seat as did the real clever jumpscares throughout. The entire atmosphere was excellently executed and created this fearsome and chilling concept throughout. Some scenes involving hand held cameras made me feel a little claustrophobic which really kept the creep-factor going. It was all really cleverly done. I especially enjoyed the lighting and camera work in the scene with the therapist. I really felt as if I was there, almost. It was really intense for me which made it more of an experience. I often felt that I was falling down into this gruesome rabbit hole with Michael and I think that’s what made it a lot more frightening. And without giving away the ending, it really was saddening and summed everything up into one shocking finale.

The poster itself for this movie rakes in the eeriness and shows a real good sense of what you’ll get in this film, and that’s demons who get under the skin and warp you from within. It’s actually a really cool poster, and also very fitting for the film which deserves a lot of credit.

Overal, I’m giving The Possession of Michael King 4 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠) and would really recommend you check this one out! If you’d like to support this movie further, check out the Facebook page, High Fliers Films on Facebook and on their websiteHere‘s some more about the release.

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