Unhallowed Ground (2015)

A big thank you to Aviary Films for this one. I really like to reach out and find more British horror movies that are gaining recognition. I enjoy seeing movies from the UK and what my home country can do for the horror world. I was definitely pleased when I saw Unhallowed Ground.

To have a look at the trailer, you can find it here:

Directed by Russell England

Starring Poppy Drayton, Marcus Griffiths, Thomas Law, Rachel Petladwala, Morgane Polanski, Paul Raschid and Andrew Lewis

As we get stuck into the movie, we’re treated to a horrific backstory into a school troubled by the bubonic plague. I think this is a great start for a Brit horror, purely because those were terrifying times, as were the plague doctors.  I stand by my idea that this was a great set up for this movie. The entire beginning brought the story to life and got me ready for a good old ghost story.

The acting throughout was actually very well done, I personally enjoyed characters such as Rishi (Raschid) and Sophie (Morgane) purely because they were really likeable the entire way through. Despite this, I did also think that the more difficult to like characters such as Verity (Drayton) and Aki (Griffiths) did grow on me throughout due to the delivery of their dialogue and the way they dealt with their situations as the movie progressed. The dialogue itself was actually pretty accurate for the average British teen, and didn’t feel corny at any point, which actually won me over. I’d like to put in a special mention to Thomas Law and Rachel Petladwala who were excellent in their roles as Daniel and Meena. They kept me intrigued with their delivery and as the final events unfolded, I was absolutely hooked on them both. I cannot stress how impressed with the cast I was throughout, they were cool and fun loving but had their moments and they were also pretty diverse, too. I was pleased to note that the characters themselves had knowledge of horror movies, which lead them to some decisions made – this also made me really pleased to see them being clever and co ordinated about their strategy.

There was some really great cinematography that I spotted throughout, especially the shots of the school at night with only slight lighting coming from dull street lights. It captured the spooky, British ghost story feeling that I had hoped for. There were also some amazing close ups and paired with the music it worked the overall atmosphere a treat. I honestly felt that the music added so much to the spook-factor of the movie, and fit the shots it was paired with just right. The scares weren’t too often but just the right amount to set the tension.
When everything started really coming together mid-way, the appearances of spirits as well as the burglars shook up the story and gave it another level of scares. Supernatural threat as well as real life threat gave two separate levels of horror which I really enjoyed, personally.  The look of the spirits really creeped me out a lot, actually, which helped my enjoyment more. I wanted to feel spooked by this, and I did.

The final moments of the film were actually really interesting, and changed the entire perspective of the film for me. I really enjoyed it all as a whole, and thought it quite clever and a little bit different. I would definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of Brit horrors and traditional ghost stories. Overall, I’d give Unhallowed Ground 3 out of 5 skulls (☠☠☠).

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