Big Ass Spider! (2013)

Being as obsessed with spider based horror as I am, this movie was a definite on the list that I wanted to review. I knew it was a comedy horror deal and may fair as a kind of b-movie but that just encouraged me further. I was really excited to set out and watch this after I’d seen the trailer (and noticed that Lin Shaye starred in it) and I couldn’t be happier!

Check out the trailer here:

Directed by Mike Mendez

Starring Greg Grunberg, Lin Shaye, Lombardo Boyar, Ray Wise and Clare Kramer

The overall feel of this movie was comical, and that’s how I think these movies should be. Yes, there’s a giant spider causing terror and there is evident terror throughout. But the b-movie feel I think kind of needs the comedy element to keep up that kind of aesthetic. Because I think spiders are really cool, a lot of the appearances interested me, but I feel that this would amp up the scare factor for those with phobias. But the balance between the creep-factor and the comedy was really well done.

I was very pleased with the acting throughout. The characters were really likeable, especially the unstoppable duo of bug exterminator Alex (Grunberg) and security guard Jose (Boyar). The two had a really clear chemistry on screen and played really well off of either character. I enjoyed a lot of the quips and dialogue between them both, as they really looked like they had much fun during the entirety. Alex’s sense of humour throughout the movie was well received and he was quickly a favourite character alongside Jose. Introducing Lin Shaye to the movie as Mrs. Jefferson was great for horror movie fans. I’m a huge fan of hers so her role was absolutely perfect for me. Lt. Karly Brant (Kramer) was a character that I liked throughout, she was witty herself and it was nice to see a really strong predominant female who remains consistent and confident during the story.

I thought there was some awesome cinematography during the film, the shots of the spider taking over were very well done. Paired with the incredible music, it gave a lot of the movie an ‘epic’ feel. This definitely fit the overall tone very well, keeping me rooting for the good guys and an overall victory. The soundtrack is definitely something I’d want to own. I noticed many uses of silhouettes every so often, and they looked awesome. Some of the unique angles and lighting really enhanced my enjoyment of this movie, purely because it felt as if there was actually care put into this movie’s visuals.
There was a lot of hearty entertainment within Big Ass Spider! and it’s so much fun to watch, especially during the ‘battle’ scenes. The SFX were really well done and the spider itself looked really creepy and excellently designed. I was really very impressed with Big Ass Spider! overall.

Definitely give Big Ass Spider! a go if you enjoy insect based b-movies or just want a really cool comedic horror. I’m personally giving it 4 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠) because I really enjoyed it from start to finish. So definitely check it out!

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