Horror Block Unboxing (July 2015)

I’m so sorry it’s been so long everyone, things have gotten really busy here and trying to keep up to date has been a little difficult. I know I missed doing last month’s Horror Block but I’m popping it up now for you all before I get the newest one.

I wasn’t expecting anything in the block to be honest, I didn’t look at any of the teasers on the Horror Block Facebook to see what we were in for. So everything was a really great surprise for me which I enjoyed. I’m usually really bad for seeing what’s going on and ruining the surprise. I actually think this month was quite great, and definitely think that HB has kept up a fantastic standard.

Horror Block July (4 of 10)

Starting off with Rue Morgue magazine, which has been added to my collection neatly. I love getting Rue Morgue each month, there’s always really interesting stuff to read and it’s nice to get a magazine from the USA that’s horror based. I did have a read of the CUB article, which I’ll be doing a review of very soon! I love adding to my Rue Morgue collection each month, and I actually tend to peruse through the pages to see what movies are upcoming that I can possibly review.

Horror Block July (3 of 10)

There were two t-shirts in July’s block. There was the usual horror based shirt which I absolutely loved as it was from American Werewolf (one of my favourite werewolf movies!) We also got a taster of the kind of shirts that are included in the regular Nerd Blocks. It being a Dr Who based shirt I sadly didn’t wear it (as Dr Who really isn’t my thing). It was cool to actually get two shirts though for a month, which makes it seem that there may be the odd month that we get a couple of shirts. I definitely like that the Nerd Block company show you what’s going on in other blocks that you may not be subscribed to.

Horror Block July (5 of 10)

Also included was the Crypt TV “Choose Their Kill” which I believe started through Eli Roth on Snapchat. I haven’t actually watched this yet but I’m intending to catch up with it so I can do a review on it in general. There was also the HB short film fest dvd that I need to watch and review, too so I’ll pop them up together. It’s cool that we’ve got DVDs included lately, adding that extra bit of interest to the block.

Horror Block July (8 of 10)

Another really awesome part of this block was the Spike figure I got. From the looks of the side of the box, it seems that there were a couple of versions of Spike to get, but I’m not sure if that was just the packaging design. To be honest, I really like the one that I got. I’m glad that I’m seeing other kinds of figures like this that aren’t just Funko Pop’s at the moment – I love the variety we’re getting!

Horror Block July (10 of 10)

And lastly, a really cool smaller piece. A Walking Dead ‘walker’ sticker! I proudly display this one on my laptop now, and I really think it’s a super cool addition to the block!

Horror Block July (2 of 10)

Thanks Horror Block for another great block! I always enjoy them and this one was no exception!

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