Horror Block Unboxing (August 2015)

As you guys probably know, I absolutely love receiving Horror Block each month. There’s always something different and interesting to find for all kinds of horror fans. August’s block held no exceptions. I’m a little late with this one as things have been getting a bit hectic for me but I’m gradually getting up to date with everything as we speak.


Included was this really sweet little Jason Voorhees plush. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time – he’s super cool and will proudly sit in my room and creep out my guests…


Quite possibly my favourite piece in the block, this incredible Beetlejuice t-shirt. I love the art style on the shirt and the design – really awesome addition to the block! I’ve been wearing this shirt religiously for a while because it’s so cool.


A really sweet “notebook of the dead” that I’ve been using at Uni to make checklists in – much to some people’s confusion. This actually came in super handy, so I’m really thankful for this. I could easily get used to having an entirely horror based stationary collection but so far this is a good start.


There was actually a blu-ray included in the block which was pretty cool, and I’ll never object to seeing Danny Trejo battling zombies. The blu-ray inclusion really made this block stand out, thanks HB!


An awesome signed print of the Shining Twins with a little certificate of authenticity. A really cool addition for a horror fan – I’m currently planning on popping this on my wall but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.


A monthly copy of Rue Morgue which is always filled with some really great features and reviews – thanks Rue Morgue!


Altogether a really successful block – I was definitely pleased with this one and will be reviewing September’s shortly! Thanks to Horror Block and Rue Morgue! Please do check them out and consider a block, there’s always something really great and unique to be found and they’re fab for the collector or enthusiast!

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