Black Eyed Children (2015) Ft. An Interview with Director Justin Snyder

The Black Eyed Children is an interesting topic to think of. It’s something that gives me chills when I think about it, so when Justin Snyder contacted me about his movie based on the phenomena, I was ready to give it a try!

“An aspiring film-maker embarks on a journey investigating the nightmarish and haunting stories behind the Black Eyed Children phenomenon. Through first-hand accounts, professional paranormal experts, and for the first time ever, actual found-footage the so-called-myths and legends are brought to life. During the making, a discovery is made that changes the life of the film-maker and will change those of the viewers’. Witness this growing legend in Black Eyed Children: Let Me In.”

Directed by Justin Snyder

Starring Justin Snyder, Marcus Murphy, Candice Johnson, Stanley Turner and Vanessa Provencher

From the beginning of the movie, the introductory interviews set the tone excellently for the ‘mockumentary’ style. They were conducted well and felt genuine. The stories that were told throughout were brilliantly told and felt so genuine as you listened to them. The mood was set well to give it a really eerie, unnerving feeling.

The characters were all quite likeable and they all had something interesting to weigh in on the topic of the Black Eyed Children. Their stories had substance to them and gave some really good information that helped the story actually progress forward, too. No one was actually dislikable at all and they all had some great reactions to the events that were unfolding throughout the film. Justin himself was really great in his role as the main film maker – his concept and his delivery was admirable. I really commend the work that he put into the movie as well as the cast and crew that were involved. The mixture of cast involved worked well and the delivery of lines were excellent.

The plot behind the movie was nicely thought out and used a cool subject. Finding out and understanding what was happening alongside the characters was really informative. I was hooked on the story from start to finish and I really could watch it again. The entire film didn’t feel over the top at any point and actually felt ‘relatable’ a lot of the time. I’d really like to see more from Justin in the future. I did find, however, that often the music would be a little louder than the interviewee which did make hearing a few things difficult in places but that was the only downside I could notice.

The whole movie was genuinely really eerie and interesting and I really commend Justin as a film maker for this one. I really recommend checking out Black Eyed Children and giving it a watch – I definitely thought it was worth it! I give it 4/5 skulls (☠☠☠☠.)

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What was your main inspiration for Black Eyed Children?

I attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, working on my degree in Biology. For my electives, I was taking  Communications in broadcasting course, acting, and a introduction to theater. I was really into watching movies and wanted to test myself as an actor by taking some of these courses to surround myself with theater students and to get a feel where I stand with my abilities. I would go out and seeking roles (mostly in student films). I would find myself sometimes flustered with how directors and other film-makers would approach their projects and I would tell myself well this is how the project should be or I can make a film better than this! So I went searching for a camera, nothing too fancy, something I could get by with. I was fortunate enough to find a journalist who wanted to sell her Sony HXR-MC 2000u shoulder mount camera for 500 US Dollars, the camera sells now for roughly 1200 US Dollars. She gave me the necessary gear as well. I was all set I just needed something to film.
While in college, I worked a warehouse job for office products, one of my fellow employees, nicknamed “Biggy” introduced me to a bunch of cult, horror, and Indie films that I would never had heard of if he wasn’t into those films. We liked to talk a lot about bigfoot and bigfoot movies. I always wanted to make a bigfoot movie. A really good one! One day, out of the blue, Biggy asked me if I have ever heard of black eyed children. I didn’t know what he was talking about so he explained the scenario and he keep saying that the stories legitimately freaked him out. At first, I thought the stories sounded stupid and why would anybody be afraid of a kid? After reading the stories, it gave me the chills. The stories were uncomprehending but seemed like it was something that could happen to anybody and what did these kids want!? The stories were so terrifying that I figured this would be perfect for a found-footage mockumentary style film and that nobody has every made a film about black eyed children. I also had a sister at the age of 9 at the time when I began writing the script so I figured I could make the film with her being the main black eyed child. It took me roughly 2 years to fully finish but I stuck to it and wanted to make sure that it was a feature not just a short.
So in summary my inspiration for making black eyed children was being able to work with my little sister who I adore (she had a blast playing the monster in the film), the mystery and the scares I got from the stories, my friend Biggy, and of course, Bigfoot. haha.
What drew you to the Black Eyed Children phenomena?
The stories seem so fictional but almost ever time I read about an encounter, my heart would begin to race. Can you imagine if a child came to your door asking to come in only to be taking back by this out of this world being! The stories legitimately scared the crap out of me which just wanted me to research them more and to dig deeper into making this film. There were some lonely nights that I had to stop working on the script because I would begin to hear tapping on the windows. That really creeped me out! haha.  The stories make it seem like it is something that could really happen to me or anybody.
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