Outpost 31 Isn’t Responding (Videogram – 2015)

I got the chance to review Videogram’s new two track release “Outpost 31 Isn’t Responding” which is a tribute to the classic horror movie The Thing. I’m always really excited to hear new work from Magnus, and this release is no exception, I was ready and willing to have a listen and share my thoughts.

Magnus says, “The tracks were written during the sessions for the coming “Pre-Cert” LP/CD on Cineploit, but album sequencing and the fact that there’s already some Carpenter-esque tracks on it made me decide to put out this single.

The artwork was created by the very talented U.S. artist Van Davis. Like me he’s a big fan of the original movie and his work fits the music perfectly! Make sure to check him out at http://vandavis.daportfolio.com/ and please give him a shout out.”

The track Outpost 31 Isn’t Responding really gives you a sense of the original atmosphere that the movie went for as you listen, the beat is really strong and holds a welcoming throwback to what I absolutely loved (and found terrifying) about The Thing. I feel that it takes you so far on a visual journey that you can just see the events unfolding, as well as taking in the themes and excellent musical skills of Magnus himself. The balance of the song carries you through until the end, keeping you fully engaged which makes it a really fantastic track to listen to.

The beginning of the second track ‘Antarctica’ alone was enough to give me chills. Embodying the cold, windy night’s atmosphere within the movie had me ready for the track in seconds, a really edgy and gripping track, Magnus keeps the movies in mind and excellently captures what was so terrifying and memorable about them, which really does show in his music. I really think these two then become equally memorable.

The single is available via Bandcamp at https://videogram.bandcamp.com/album/outpost-31-isnt-responding with iTunes, Amazon etc. following soon! Please show some support to Magnus and check out his music!

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