Robert the Doll (2015)

To The Scream Review from 4 Digital Media came Robert the Doll. I’d seen the poster for the film a few times in and out, and after reading into the story behind the doll itself, I was interested to see where the film would go.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 18.52.08

“In this chilling story based on real life events a family experience terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires a vintage doll called Robert.”

Considering that the movie was based on the story of Robert the Doll, there were certainly elements that kept true. The doll itself, usually small and unassuming in looks becomes an off putting and horrifying nightmare inducer thanks to the excellent work of Susan’s Custom Creepy Dolls. Certainly for the tone of the film, making the doll look ten times more terrifying worked in its favour. It amped up the horror for me, and it really put me at unease.

The characters we see in the film are actually quite complex which I enjoyed. Mostly enjoying Suzie Frances Garton as leading lady Jenny, I was certainly rooting for her for the entirety of the film. I really think the concept of her mental illness adding to the skepticism of the doll really added another level to the film that made it a lot more interesting. Lee Bane did very well at playing concerned and skeptical husband Paul. I really liked the dynamic between Lee and Suzie, finding the way their characters played off each other really well done in coordination to the story that was unfolding. Flynn Allen as their son Gene, who is the centre of Robert’s scheme played his part brilliantly, and I was certainly started for him through the entirety. And then there was Judith Haley playing scorned maid Agatha, who – to put it simply – terrified me in her role without giving anything away. 

I can certainly say that I felt that Robert the Doll played out a lot like a traditional horror tale and the fantastic use of lighting to accentuate Robert’s antics at night really elevated that to the best of its abilities. The camera work complimented the telling of the story, and I was really impressed by the visual aesthetic of the film. Though seeming quite tongue-in-cheek with some scenes, Robert was actually a pleasant viewing experience, and I would certainly recommend it for the story; which I did think was actually well done. My only tweak would have been to open up the ambiguity of whether the doll was really haunted or not from the beginning for those unaware of the true story behind Robert, and give the truth at the end.

Check out Robert and let me know what you thought in the comments!

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