Review: Videogram’s Pre-Cert [2015]

I’ve always got nothing but praise for Magnus’ musical talents. And so this is very long overdue but I’m really excited about reviewing his latest Videogram album Pre-Cert with Cineploit. I’m gonna get stuck into the reviews by tracklist, so enjoy!

“With his Cineploit debut, Magnus Sellergren set out to further and improve on the concept of Videogram’s previous “S/T” 2014 album. Inspiration was drawn from the same sources as the previous full length effort, with the key words being bigger, better, and more produced.”


Damien is the track that Pre-Cert kicks off with. It’s traditional sounding, and certainly very possession movie-esque. It’s got a really creepy overall sound and grabs your attention from the beginning. I absolutely loved the drum beat in this track, and the eerie sound of what could be considered as a bell tolling made Damien a perfectly strong intro.

Cobretti is a tribute and nod to Stallone’s cult classic movie “Cobra”And I featured it on The Scream Review a little while back; I absolutely adore this track. I think it perfectly nails the atmosphere of the film, and the track is so upbeat and catchy, it’s certainly one of my favourites on the album. Certainly a track I could play on repeat and not get bored.

Killer on Interstate 40 has a really retro sounding theme, and I listened to it quite a few times. When this track kicks in, it really gets you going. I think it’s one of the stronger tracks on the album, with a really great beat and I can picture the kind of scene it would pair with excellently.

Camp Blood has been a favourite Videogram track of mine for a long time, providing a little nudge to 80’s slasher fans with an ode to Friday 13th. The track certainly keeps in theme with the 80’s fan favourite and I absolutely adore the hint of screams you can hear in the track with the subtly eerie overall vibe. Camp Blood needs – no, deserves to be on your Halloween playlist this year.

Horror Express kicks off and instantly reminds me of an arcade experience. It’s got a serious sound, and strangely reminded me of a couple childhood memories, which I actually found quite interesting. It becomes almost erratic, and I can really picture a setting for this track. It’s got such a different sound, and I praise it for that.

Mangiati Vivi is what I could describe as an immersive experience. It’s got some really otherworldly vibes to it, and I certainly dig that. My first impression was that it actually felt a little bit space/alien like which added that little bit more to the album. And the fact that every track is different in its own way really elevates that.

Dawn of the Apocalypse has a real ‘survival’ vibe. And the title is so appropriate to how the track sounds, placing this one as a favourite. A little slower, but no less enticing is the this track. It has quite a lonely atmosphere, but I think that gives it a lot more depth as a piece of music. This one’s a stand out on the album.

Silver Sphere has a real throwback sound, like an advance on the previous track, a faster paced survival sounding track. It’s got a subtly eerie theme that really becomes present when you focus on it. I get a real traditional horror feel from Silver Sphere, and that’s something I always like hearing with Videogram’s work.

Voorhees Stomp makes me very biased, I love everything about Jason Voorhees and this track really catches me. It’ll definitely be going with Camp Blood on my Halloween playlist, as it works perfectly as a partner to that track. This one really captures his vibe as a slasher, and has an incredible beat that works well as a throwback to the genre itself.

Le Erotici Notti di Emmanuelle felt very light. I could almost direct it to possession horror, or something along those terms. It was, yet again, very different to the other tracks. Brings in the use of a few different instruments which actually caught me off guard, but it made it stand out. I really did get stuck into this one. The great thing about the Pre-Cert album is that no two tracks are the same.

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide already has a kick-ass title and if that wasn’t enough, it ends the album on such a raw note, it’s hard not to enjoy it. It’s very dark, atmospheric and encapsulating you almost feel that you’re part of something sinister. A really brooding track, which makes me feel that the entire album is a story, and this is the final conclusion.

Overall, I absolutely recommend you check out the album and buy it; it’s well worth it and the entire track list is so unique it really feels like you’re part of it. Definitely hard to pick a favourite but Voorhees Stomp and Dawn of the Apocalypse are fighting for the top. Grab it now on Bandcamp HERE. There are also options to get it on CD and Vinyl which are such incredible ideas, I certainly want to grab a copy of the vinyl LP. Please do give Videogram a like and full support.

Pre-Cert LP

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