How Would You Survive a Horror Movie?

This question is one I’ve asked myself a handful of times – how would I use in-house items to shield myself from an impending zombie attack? Or even Purge night?


I decided to focus on what would happen if I was in the middle of a Purge, how I would protect myself from purgers who may or may not be out to get me! The idea of a home invasion itself is terrifying, and movies have successfully amplified that terror around the world. So here we go, my guide to surviving the annual Purge.


First off, it’s getting close to Purging time, so I’ll be heading over to SimpliSafe security to ensure I’m stocked up on home security before anything else. A burglary sensor is compulsory! A panic button and additional siren is on the list, to pierce the ears of whoever may try to enter my home. Certainly I’ll have a main base station to monitor everything and ensure my security is working correctly. Once that’s been set up, it’s time to get armed.

Arming myself with things that I only have in my household is important. Easily usable weapons are key, I’ll surely have a selection of kitchen knives on hand for simple damage, my trusty metal Freddy Krueger glove that’s surprisingly sharp (simply for going for the eyes…) as well as a few drills and power tools that are in the toolbox in the basement. Just in case, of course. Now, these are simply for close combat but would be very handy no matter what. As long as you practice with the weapons a little before hand, things should be a-okay! Once the adrenaline kicks in, things are plain sailing… kinda!


I’ll have the windows covered with fabrics and cardboard to block out the light and make sure no-one can see in to see me, to give the home a ‘no-one’s here’ vibe. And proceed to board up the door as quick as possible with leftover wood and nails. This should give the door a little extra solidity should someone try to knock it down. I certainly like the idea of having barbs around the outside of the home, barbed wire that coats the doorway and over the door as well as the windows. Discourage the intruders for a while this way with the addition of pain to their attempts.


Dry food should be stocked up, and plenty of water should be already set into bottles to avoid making lots of noise to the outside. I certainly wouldn’t want to have the intruder leave for a moment, thinking that the home was empty, then draw them back with the sounds of running water.

The rest of the evening should be spend next to the food supplies, the weapons and in a space where you’re free to attack, should you need to! From here, it’s just a waiting game, but with the right set up, you should be ready to face whoever is coming for you and remember to stay low and away from the windows and the doors!


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