Not Alone (2016)

The third instalment from Witching Season Films is Not Alone. I’m really getting a kick out of this anthology and I hope you are, too. Have you seen the previous two instalments? Check out Killer on the Loose and Princess!

Directed by James Morris.

Starring Sean Hunter and Samuel Morris.

“Kyle wakes from a horrific nightmare, struggling to bridge the gap between his dreams and reality in the darkness of his room. But then, he notices something… an ominous figure standing silent in the darkness. He is not alone.”

With Not Alone, I’m already on my toes. Aliens are the one thing guaranteed to make me nervous.

This short confirms that the stories we’re watching are interlinked in the same ‘universe’. I absolutely love this feature, it’s another level to the story telling, definitely a great addition! There’s already an other-worldly feeling to the introductory shots, this stands out greatly.

The radio piece that plays over the events that unfold during the beginning of this short helps to set the scene almost, bringing in the story with ease, and it feels very natural.

However, when we appear to see a strange dark figure in the corner of the room, things take a more anxious turn. It’s strange, and we can’t exactly make it out fully but we know it’s there. The uncomfortable silence paired with the character’s concern makes for a really interesting scene. There’s a sinister air about things, and the strange creature that lurks within the room definitely creeps me out, that’s for sure. There’s a way that this instalment intertwines what’s real with what’s potentially false and merges them into one, we’re always left feeling like these things could in fact be real and with us.

Not Alone is well paced, terrifying and incredibly made.

This short really made me uneasy, using some really interesting techniques and suspense methods that had me hooked til the end. I’ve got to put Not Alone down as my favourite in the anthology so far.

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