Princess (2015)

Princess is another short that’s come from Witching Season Films. If you haven’t already seen the first short in this Witching Season Anthology, please head on over to watch Killer on the Loose!

Directed by James Morris.

Starring Emily Broschinsky, Anita Rosenbaum, Jordan Swenson and James Morris.

“Kendra and her daughter Jamie move to a new home in the quiet suburbs in search of a new beginning. But something evil lurks in the basement and it isn’t looking for roommates.”

Right off the bat, we’re treated to some wonderful camera work paired with an enticing musical score that’ll settle you in for the ride. This anthology really puts me in the mood for October, giving a cosy feeling within some of its scenes. The level of comfort you get at the beginning of this short really makes you wonder what kind of a turn it could take.

Princess shows off not only the importance but the essence of how suspense can boost a horror well. I often got a Poltergeist vibe from some of the lighting and camera angles, which was by no means a bad thing. It really helped amp up the creep factor.

The toy in question is already strange looking, which works, and I think it being a unique looking toy helps to bring forward this short as something to consider. We’re always seeing porcelain dolls and clown toys, the rabbit is something new altogether. I like that about the Witching Season shorts, they bring something new to the table.

There are items within Princess that are similar to those in Killer on the Loose, the short prior, which I like to consider may mean that these take place in the same kind of ‘universe’. That all the stories fit in together. There’s an eerie feeling throughout the short that really does help – something just seems off.

The final moments of this short make you want to check for any creepy looking toys that may be lurking in the shadows, offering up a Chucky-style ending that captures the essence perfectly. Princess gets 4 skulls from The Scream Review. ☠☠☠☠

Want to watch Princess? Here ya go!

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