Sandman (2016)

Set to be released on Halloween night this year, I got an early look at horror short Sandman created by Superfreak Media.


Directed by Liam Banks.

Starring Esmee Matthews and Matthew Barker.

“When Sandy wakes from a terrifying dream she realises that a much bigger nightmare awaits now she is awake.”

The team are the genius behind short film Mr Creak which aired on BBC Three’s show “The Fear.”

Sandman is short but packs a punch. Running at just over 5 minutes, in such a short amount of time, a nightmarish world is created and successfully progressed with excellent pacing.

When we begin to trust the eerie atmosphere that’s been created, we’re soon reminded of the horrors that lurk in the night, terrorising Sandy (Matthews) who is tormented by the grotesque Sandman figure (Barker.) What I particularly enjoyed about this short, is the clever way in which it scares the viewer, it never once feels too over the top or ‘jumpscare heavy’.


The fear factor amps up with the help of Edward Harvey’s chilling score that effortlessly sends a shiver down your spine as it flows through the increasing terrors unfolding before your eyes.

All in all, Sandman is a nifty short film with some fantastic effects that packs in some fun scares and a deeply unsettling atmosphere. It’s to be released 31/10/16 at 7pm GMT on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. So keep your eyes peeled! ☠☠☠☠

Superfreak Media can also be found on Twitter and on their website. Check them out and give them a like & follow – you won’t be disappointed!

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