A ‘Pitch Dark’ Diorama (2016)

A gripping mini series has come from Bangalore, India from Vespertilio Motion Pictures. The genre is relatively new there, but director Santosh M P has created a gripping short series that will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat.

You can check out the trailer here:

Here’s the write up about the series:

“Indranil Deashi is scouring for the right twist to complete his slasher thriller, ‘Pitch-Dark’.
In a parallel universe, the fictional characters inside of ‘Pitch-Dark’ are, meanwhile, constantly hurtling through an exaggeratedly possessive director’s many mood swings and idiosyncrasies. When Indranil has just about nailed a fitting conclusion, an unexpected visitor turns up. Personal demons catch up with Indranil, leaving him shattered. And dead.

Rajiv Dey, writer of schlock thrillers, attempts to recapture his glory days by accepting to finish ‘Pitch-Dark’. He’s promoting the novel to a deceptively thorny critic. A hard-boiled, lecherous detective encounters a protagonist from the novel. Brutally slashed. And the hunt for the perpetrator begins.”


If you’d like to watch the series for yourself, you can see the episodes on this YouTube playlist, here:

Pitch Dark’s tension is enhanced by some beautiful cinematography and an authentic film feel to it. Each character is excellently portrayed on screen by some incredible actors. Considering that this genre is somewhat new to Bangalore, Santosh has put together a mixture of intriguing factors that keep you wanting to watch until the end.

Vespertilio films has a YouTube channel where the work is uploaded, I’d certainly recommend subscribing for more content.


It’s refreshing to see such an interestingly original story with a set of characters you can really get behind, complexities and all, especially the main detective on the case who certainly has more to him than meets the eye. They’re all excellently three dimensional, making you eager to see how things play out.

This series thrives on the audience’s perceptions of the case, what do we think is going on? How do we interpret the events that play out? Pitch Dark gets the brain whirring with plots and potentials, ever changing with the fulfilling ebb and flow of the story.

If you’re a fan of the horror and thriller genres, I would  seriously recommend checking this one out.

Here are the links:

Vespertilio Films’ YouTube Channel

Vespertilio Films’ Website

Please check out the links and help support Santosh and his crew, they’re more than deserving of it. I hope to see more content from them in the future, I’m eager that there will be more to come! You won’t be disappointed!

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