The Nun: Trailer Review (2018)

A highly anticipated film this year is the Conjuring universe’s latest installation, The Nun. I’ve been up to date with the past Conjuring movies and its spin-off series, Annabelle and found that each movie was very similar in tone and story. With the trailer for the Nun, it seems that the team behind the movie are trying to take things in a different direction, with a completely new setting and characters.

In the movie, we’ll follow Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga a nun in Romania that finds herself followed by a malevolent force that is our titular character ‘The Nun’. The movie is set before the Conjuring movies take place, meaning that this is a little bit of a prequel to the horrors that the Warrens endure in the Conjuring 1 & 2.

We don’t get much given away in the trailer, very minimal elements to the story are revealed, only that Sister Irene is investigating the death of a nun from a small while before and she reveals that she’s had visions of a sinister nun for a long time. Personally, I’m glad that not much has been given away, as it’s a movie I’ll prefer to see without knowing much about what’s going to happen and I don’t want many of the scares and concepts to be revealed too early. It’s a great technique to keep some plot points and scares a secret from the audience until the movie is released, to amp up a curiosity about it and about what the movie will hold.

What I do worry about with this movie (considering the latest jump scare marketing attempt surrounding it) is that the movie will be riddled with jump scares here & there that don’t really further a story so much as just keep the audience in a state of unease. Whilst it’s good in a horror to keep the audience feeling uneasy, I feel there are so many other ways to do it than to make them jump every 10 minutes, where the only tension build up is just before a jump. I’d love to see The Nun build a lot of tension throughout the movie, not just for the scares, but to build a really thick atmosphere that keeps you guessing and feeling just that little bit uncomfortable. It’d be great not to be able to guess where the scares are coming, and to second guess your own ideas throughout the movie.

The crew behind The Nun and The Conjuring universe have built such a strong franchise with a dedicated fan base and it’s really admirable to see so many people still going to see a horror movie at the cinema. That being said, I worry that this keeps them creating similar stories each time that end up having similar conflicts and resolutions as I found with the previous Annabelle movies. I’d absolutely love to see them take this film in a different direction that the other movies have gone in and completely subvert expectations entirely.

That being said, I’ll surely be seeing The Nun at the cinema to see if it can really deliver something unique in this franchise and to see if it really exceeds expectations. I can already see it doing well in the box office with dedicated horror fans flocking to go and see this latest instalment in the Conjuring universe.

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