Molly: Trailer Review (2018)

New from Artsploitation Films comes post-apocalyptic hit Molly, following the story of a young woman with supernatural abilities in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Molly fights for survival against a band of enemies who want her to fight in their arena.

This one’s been on my watch list for some time and I must admit that I’m keen to watch it, the trailer screams of a flick that’s fun to watch and great to recommend. From what the trailer gives, it looks well crafted and entertaining from start to finish with a cast of characters that all seem interesting from the get-go. The titular Molly also seems like a sympathetic character that you can easily root for through the film and I think that she’ll easily become a favourite movie heroine.

If you’ve seen the trailer and you want to check Molly out for yourself, the blu-ray and DVD are both now available to buy on Amazon and it’s also available to stream on VOD through Amazon and Google Play. Please do consider checking out Molly, I think it’s well worth the support and the good reviews it’s been getting. Please look out for my review of Molly coming very soon!

Thanks guys & as always, if you have a movie you’d like me to check out and review, please feel free to drop me an email and feel free to follow me on FacebookInstagram, Letterboxd and Twitter.

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