Camp Death III In 2D (2018) Review


Camp Death III in 2D ★★★

Directed by Matt Frame

Written by Chris Allen & Katherine Alpen

Starring Angela Galanopoulos, Dave Peniuk & Darren Andrichuk

To begin, the movie’s tagline itself tells us ‘this movie is super stupid’ which really sets us up with an idea in mind of what Camp Death will be like. I had an idea in mind as soon as I saw the poster, and I was curious to find out more after initially seeing the trailer that Matt Frame had sent me, it just seemed like a lot of fun and I really wanted to know more.

At the start, I felt a little lost, as you kind of jump straight into a prelude to the story of Camp Crystal Meph, the fictional camp in which the final girl defeats the slasher by using a puppet? I was certainly confused, but I was having fun already.

We then jump into the main story, and Camp Crystal Meph is being turned into a rehabilitation camp for the mentally challenged and criminally insane. And we meet a whole host of interesting characters with completely unique personalities.


The selection of characters we’re offered are all hugely over the top, but really… that’s the point. No two are the same, and they all have quirks that are pretty funny in the way that they’re played. Most of the laughs come from Verta (Katherine Alpen) a girl who’d been born premature who wears a neck brace to support the weight of her head. She’s played in such a unique way and her childish ways really do make you laugh and to be honest, she’s a shining part of the film. The other character I found myself gravitating towards was Uncle Mel (Darren Andrichuk) who’s played so wildly I found myself laughing at his phrases and his more than slightly aggressive mannerisms.

The movie is a gory fun-fest where everyone is in on the joke, the kills are unique, and I have to give this movie points for the toaster kill without giving too much away. It’s definitely stupid, but in the sense that it’s just a lot of fun to watch. 

Camp Death certainly plays off stereotypes and subverts expectations and it feels almost scary movie-esque in how it parodies the mainstream slasher tropes. The comedy is slapstick at times, and sometimes feels a little forced but mostly the humour pays off. I’m absolutely all for parodies of Friday the 13th, with it being one of my favourite films and I think this one is worth the watch if you just want to switch off and laugh for a while.

If you are considering checking out Camp Death III in 2D for yourself, have a peek at the trailer and see what you think for yourself!

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