Don’t Knock Twice (2016) Review


Don’t Knock Twice ★★

Directed by Caradog W. James 

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Starring Katee Sackhoff, Lucy Boynton & Javier Botet

Don’t Knock Twice is a film that features characters that are never fleshed out enough to make them feel three dimensional. Featured in it are two minor characters who are made to seem more important than they actually are, who ultimately don’t get given any backstory or explanation, it makes them feel as if they’re only being used as mere plot devices or to move the story in one of the several directions it ends up going in. I wasn’t convinced by the relationship of the mother & daughter, and most of their dialogue felt forced and for the most part uninteresting, their dynamic together just didn’t quite work and didn’t really come across as believable a lot of the time.

The pacing to the film felt so hurried at times and then so awkwardly drawn out at others and it felt so disjointed trying to get a grasp on what Caradog was trying to achieve with the pacing and the tone. It was hard not to find most elements of Don’t Knock Twice exceptionally boring, with dialogue that just didn’t catch the attention that it should have. I couldn’t help but feel that I just didn’t care about what was happening or who it was happening to, and I think it’s so important for the viewer to care about the characters and their story.


The main problem I had with the story of the film was there being what felt like so many twists in such a short space of time. Nearer to the end of the film it gets confusing, expecting the film to go in one direction and then it changes a few too many times. It’s such a jarring way to present clever twists in the story and I found that it kind of ruined the story in such a way that it felt that the writers and director wasn’t sure which direction to really go in. So many fresh ideas are presented in the film but never come to fruition which was so frustrating to see when watching.

The main stand out performance in this film comes from the witch (Javier Botet) who gives such a great and creepy performance each time I see him in a movie. His contorting and awkward movements as he terrorises the main characters really did get me a few times despite you not being able to see him entirely gives him some creepy points. His performances are always on point in every film he’s in.

I remember the trailer of Don’t Knock Twice being really interesting, and I was actually so keen to see the full movie, but in the end I came away feeling really disappointed. Check out the trailer for yourself and let me know what you thought down in the comments.

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