The Meg (2018) Review


The Meg ★1/2

Directed by Jon Turteltaub

Written by Belle Avery, Steve Alten, Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber & James Vanderbilt

Starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson & Ruby Rose

The Meg at its core is an extremely silly killer shark movie that pits Jason Statham against a 70ft megalodon shark and also follows the team of deep sea researchers helping him along the way in a bid for survival.

A few personal gripes I had with this movie were that I think it could have benefited from anyone other than Jason Statham, his presence in the film made it all feel like a direct to syfy film with a larger budget. That being said, the film is incredibly self aware about how ridiculous the premise really is and doesn’t promise to be anything smarter than just a killer shark movie. The Meg for the most part feels a lot like the shlocky direct to dvd killer animal movies of the 90’s & early 2000’s and would have been perfectly at home in that era with how silly and unbelievably ridiculous it comes across but I can’t say that I had a bad time watching it.


The characterisation isn’t all there, though, and Li Bingbing’s character seemed as if she was only there for a romantic subplot (that no-one really asked for) and to just add to pivotal moments. Some characters are just comedy relief and feel like they don’t add much to the narrative and for the majority, we don’t see enough from them to really care much about their characters. With that being said, Ruby Rose was much better at acting than I had thought she would be, and she was one of my favourites in the film being the token cool edgy hacker that she was.  They do a lot with Jason Statham’s character to make him feel three-dimensional but I couldn’t get past the fact it felt like he was just playing as himself, which is what I get from him in a lot of movies he’s starred in.

My main let-down from The Meg was the rating that the movie got, and I felt it would have benefited much more from an R rating, and I feel that we would have gotten that had Eli Roth still been directing this movie. For a killer shark movie, lots of the deaths are off-screen and I just can’t shake that it could have been so much gorier in places and the shark could have been a lot more bloodthirsty. The shark itself mainly was just sneaky and calculating despite being actually quite terrifying to look at and I just felt that we didn’t get what we could have had with something like an R rating.

Without getting caught up in what’s wrong with The Meg, really it’s just a fun movie to watch with friends and I would actually recommend seeing it if you just want something to chill out with.

Check out the trailer if you’re curious and let me know what you thought of the film down in the comments.

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