Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Delivers High-Octane with Little Payoff [Review]

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2/5)

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

Written by Paul W.S. Anderson

Starring Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter & Eoin Macken

Resident Evil but Alice keeps getting KO’d every 10 minutes. 

The Resident Evil series is one that I can’t say that I love, bar the first film, the rest just seemed like they weren’t all there for me. They didn’t jump off the screen and invite me into the story as much as I’d liked them to. The Final Chapter fits in with that theme. Yeah sure, it’s a high octane action movie that doesn’t take itself seriously, but honestly? It gave me a headache. The editing style is choppy and all over the place, makes you feel like you’re on speed for the 107 minute run time and personally, I didn’t have a good time.

Sure, there were elements of the movie that I enjoyed like the zombie design and the incorporation of the dogs that chase the team down but I don’t think just those elements make the film. The story had to be there too, and that story just began to get incredibly convoluted over time. The twists that were incorporated were easy to work out through the course of the film, so things didn’t come as much of a surprise, as they should have done which I found pretty disappointing, all in all. Obviously I have to give credit where credit is due, Milla Jovovich is doing her absolute best in this movie and she’s really the reason that I stick around for the Resident Evil movies in the first place. Not only this but the use of colour, or lack of, highlighted that hopelessness Alice and her team must have felt as events unfolded as they try their best to defeat Dr. Isaacs. Besides that, I just felt that there was so much crammed into the run time to tie up loose ends that it got a little crowded as event after event piled on. Don’t even get me started on Alice getting knocked out every time they wanted her to travel somewhere, it’s just felt like lazy writing.

If you’ve seen the rest of the series, you kind of have to watch this one, to finish off the set so to speak. If you want something that’s a little balls to the wall and a bit of fun, check it out but don’t expect too much from The Final Chapter. If you do decide to check it out, make sure you’ve got an aspirin handy for the inevitable headache from that speed-fuelled editing style.

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