‘Camp Death’ Director Matt Frame Sits Through Own Movie For Over 52 Hours [News]

I recently posted about Matt Frame's hilarious Friday 13th parody, Camp Death III in 2D, now, Matt has sat through his own movie for over 52 hours in order to raise money for promotion of the film. For the purposes of promotion (and raising much needed advertising funds) Canadian Director Matt Frame sat through his... Continue Reading →

Molly: Trailer Review (2018)

https://vimeo.com/277497088 New from Artsploitation Films comes post-apocalyptic hit Molly, following the story of a young woman with supernatural abilities in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Molly fights for survival against a band of enemies who want her to fight in their arena. This one's been on my watch list for some time and I must admit that I'm keen... Continue Reading →

The Tattooist (2018)

Recently I was contacted by Michael Wong to have a look at his latest micro-short The Tattooist. The short has been doing the rounds of the horror film festival circuits and he wanted to share the short with me to bring to The Scream Review. "The Tattooist follows the dark obsessions of a tattooist whose studio is... Continue Reading →

Poster Released for BASTARD Movie

I posted about Powell Robinson and Patrick R Young's upcoming slasher flick BASTARD, and now, there's a poster release for the movie. I'm really excited about this one, as I'm a huge fan of slashers. The poster itself by Shawn Coss gives off a really throwback vibe and an ominous atmosphere. Seeing the poster has made... Continue Reading →

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