Not Alone (2016)

The third instalment from Witching Season Films is Not Alone. I'm really getting a kick out of this anthology and I hope you are, too. Have you seen the previous two instalments? Check out Killer on the Loose and Princess! Directed by James Morris. Starring Sean Hunter and Samuel Morris. "Kyle wakes from a horrific nightmare, struggling... Continue Reading →

Princess (2015)

Princess is another short that's come from Witching Season Films. If you haven't already seen the first short in this Witching Season Anthology, please head on over to watch Killer on the Loose! Directed by James Morris. Starring Emily Broschinsky, Anita Rosenbaum, Jordan Swenson and James Morris. "Kendra and her daughter Jamie move to a new home in... Continue Reading →

Killer on the Loose (2015)

From Witching Season Films comes Killer on the Loose which is part of the Witching Season anthology. Directed by Michael Ballif. Starring Hailey Nebeker, James Morris and Autumn Russell. "An escaped killer lurks in the shadows of an isolated home on Halloween night." If you want something that will get you into the Halloween spirit that little... Continue Reading →

Never Tear Us Apart (Short – 2015)

Never Tear Us Apart is a short from genre director Sid Zanforlin, and it also serves as a proof-of-concept for his first feature length film. With that considered, you can certainly see the potential that this short has in the future. I hold high hopes for this as a feature. If you'd like to check... Continue Reading →

Scream Park (2015)

I went into watching Scream Park with a fresh mind. I hadn't read the summary on the sell sheet, and I opted to stay away from the IMDB page. I really have a thing for horror films based in amusement parks and circuses. Thank you so much to Left Films for sending me this one.... Continue Reading →

Review: Videogram’s Pre-Cert [2015]

I've always got nothing but praise for Magnus' musical talents. And so this is very long overdue but I'm really excited about reviewing his latest Videogram album Pre-Cert with Cineploit. I'm gonna get stuck into the reviews by tracklist, so enjoy! "With his Cineploit debut, Magnus Sellergren set out to further and improve on the... Continue Reading →

Robert the Doll (2015)

To The Scream Review from 4 Digital Media came Robert the Doll. I'd seen the poster for the film a few times in and out, and after reading into the story behind the doll itself, I was interested to see where the film would go. "In this chilling story based on real life events a family... Continue Reading →

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