The Tattooist (2018)

Recently I was contacted by Michael Wong to have a look at his latest micro-short The Tattooist. The short has been doing the rounds of the horror film festival circuits and he wanted to share the short with me to bring to The Scream Review. "The Tattooist follows the dark obsessions of a tattooist whose studio is... Continue Reading →

Odessa (2015)

I posted a little about Odessa a few weeks ago, but now I'm back to review the short film. There's a lot to know about this movie, but I'm not going to give too much away, as I feel you really need to see it and take it in for yourselves. Here's a little about... Continue Reading →

Aftermath (1994)

Aftermath (1994) Director: Nacho Cerda Starring: Pep Tosar, Jordi Tarrida and Angel Tarris. WARNING: May contain spoilers. Aftermath is a short film wherein a man working in a morgue mutilates and molests a corpse, before taking her heart home to feed to his dog. Aftermath is preceded by The Awakening (1990) and followed by Genesis... Continue Reading →

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