Don’t Despair (2015)

Don't Despair gave a different take on the extreme and almost passionate notoriety of the serial killer. Cleverly tense and delicately built up to the final moments, this short really packs a punch with excellent atmospheric and emotional techniques to keep you feeling unnerved throughout.

Cobretti (Videogram – 2015)

I posted about Videogram a little while back and now, I get to post again! Magus of Videogram has released a taster of his new EP "Cobretti." The EP is a tribute and nod to Stallone's cult classic movie "Cobra." Personally, I think it's awesome. I would recommend you all to check it out, asap!... Continue Reading →

Videogram (2014)

Videogram’s new self-titled album is a horror hit pulled straight out of the 80s. Sounding like a soundtrack to a popular 80’s slasher flick, this album really picks at originality with immersive soundscapes and beats. Videogram has successfully created a musical horror hit in one album. You get the sense of several different horror hits... Continue Reading →

Super Haunted (2014)

Youtuber Hush Money recently sent me an excellent horror/comedy short sketch in my email. It's horror related and definitely made me chuckle.   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. It's genuinely entertaining, and creates great humour from the typical jump scare cliche. I laughed out loud at the sketch and definitely recommend you check out Hush Money... Continue Reading →

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